How Can a Certified Financial Planner Help You Get on Top of Your Finances?

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Money can be complex, yet it drives almost everything we do. Without some degree of financial planning, we’re unable to look after our families, safely retire, or even go on holiday. A fact of life is that, at some point or another, you are going to need to run a budget or two. However, that doesn’t mean things have to be overcomplicated. In fact, with the biggest or most complex of budgeting or financial concerns, it makes sense to reach out to a certified financial planner.

At Milestone, we consult with hard working people of all ages and from all backgrounds. Many of our clients may not even know they could benefit from an expert financial planner until they first get in touch with us. A financial planner could, for example, make all the difference when it comes to defining your objectives and risk management.

But how can the best financial planners support you? Let’s take a look at how we could help you get your finances in a clearer, more digestible order.


We’ll Help You with Investing

Investing money? Not sure which funds are suitable or how to invest and properly diversify for growth potential? Don’t worry. Our certified financial planner team understands how complex investments can be. Portfolio management can be very satisfying in the long run, but it doesn’t come without risks.

Therefore, it certainly makes sense to reach out to a local expert. Even if you’re unsure what you’d like to invest your money in, we will help you decide on funds, take a close look at investment choices and avenues that are likely to get your money working harder in line with your attitude to risk.


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We’ll Help You Manage Your Wealth

Whether you inherit a large sum of money or have built up wealth over years of working hard, you are going to want to protect your finances as much as possible. For larger amounts of money, simply placing funds in a basic bank account probably isn’t going to be enough. You’re going to need added protection in the long term. Bank interest rates at the moment are at record lows, are there other ways your money could be working for you to generate returns and beat inflation?

At Milestone, we will work with you to ascertain what you’d like to do with your wealth in the long run. How best to manage your finances and diversify across a range of solutions to cover all eventualities. Again, our team can also help you to consider the best investment opportunities, too.


We’ll Help Protect Your Pensions

Whether it’s the state pension or a private pot, we know that juggling pension money can sometimes be a little more complex than it first appears. If you are unsure how best to use your hard earned pension money, finding it difficult to unlock your private funds, or if you want to know how much you’ve appreciated over the years, allow our best financial planners to take more than a cursory glance over your pension potential.


tax planning - certified financial plannerWe’ll Help You Plan for Tax

Tax doesn’t necessarily have to be an inevitability. We all have to pay our fair share, but are you paying too much or paying unnecessary tax? With the correct planning by our expert team, inheritance tax and capital gains tax could be reduced, deferred or mitigated entirely.

Our experts can review all of your finances to ensure that you are making the most of any reliefs and allowances. We only recommend HMRC approved tax solutions to our clients so you can be confident that any planning is done legitimately and with a clear conscience.


We’ll Help Protect Your Business

If your business is in its infancy and you need help protecting your firm against potential problems further down the line, it makes sense to have some form of financial safety net. Often, it’s a good idea to have an expert financial planner cast an eye or two over your planning and finances so you can weather potential storms ahead.

Yes, it’s tempting to try and manage all of your business finances on your own. However, with the best financial planners in your local area by your side, you can be sure that you have a clear plan of action to secure your firm and its assets for many years to come. We will help you look into ways to gain relief, to bolster your finances and to ensure you have sufficient protection in place, such that you can continue trading in an ever-changing world.


We’ll Help You Tie Things Up

Are you looking to exit your business and not sure of your options? Unsure of how best to plan for capital gains tax or what to do with the lump sum that a business sale would provide to ensure that your future income needs are taken care of?

You can rely on us to offer straightforward, impartial advice that you can act on right away.


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If you’re interested in finding out more about how Milestone Financial Planning can help you take back control of your money for the years ahead, get in touch with our team. We offer an impartial, private and reliable service. Even if you are unsure whether or not you need the support of a certified financial planner at this time, it certainly does no harm to reach out and ask for advice.

Do make sure to call our team to set up a free consultation, or if you prefer, fill out our web form and we will be back in touch with you as soon as possible. Let an expert financial planner support you, your assets and your family through the uncertainties that life throws at us!

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