COVID-19 : Measures We have in Place to Re-Open Our Offices Safely

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Here at Milestone Financial Planning, we have taken all possible measures to ensure you can visit the offices in a safe and secure environment and we have followed Government guidance to protect everyone here from risk to their health and safety.


Video and Phone Consultations will Stay Open

Although we have adapted the offices to minimise risk, we will continue to advise and consult for you remotely, whether through video call or through telephone, as and when you desire. This means that if you are continuing to shield or may be at heightened risk from contracting COVID-19, you will not have to attend our offices unless you wish to.

However, we have reopened our offices for our clients who prefer to discuss matters face to face. We understand that some people prefer this human contact – and that video calling may not work well for all our customers.

Therefore, please be assured that there are now multiple options available for you if you need our advice and financial support.


Contactless Entry

Medical advice continues to state that surfaces are still likely to harbour viruses and bacteria. Therefore, to reduce the potential spread of the coronavirus, we have made sure to adapt our office doors so that they open hands-free.

Specifically, you will be able to open our doors using specialist foot opening adaptations. This means that you can keep your hands clear of doors whether you are entering our building or heading out.


outside-door-adapted inside-door-adapted meeting-protective-screens


Full Screens for Meetings

Our meeting rooms have been fitted with Perspex screens, making it possible to sit face to face with an Adviser and maintain your safety and protection.


A Complete Risk Assessment

As part of our legal responsibility to protect people working and visiting the premises, we have completed a thorough risk assessment to identify all potential risks and specified action taken to mitigate and reduce these as far as practicable.

Within this assessment, we have ensured that the staff working here are clear and healthy to do so.

Every reasonable effort to comply with social distancing guidelines set up by the Government will be stringently followed and is anticipated that this can be maintained at all times during visits here.


covid-19-supplies covid-19-notice


 Further Protection

We’re also making sure that our visitors, customers, and team members have access to antibacterial hand gel, gloves and masks for additional protection. While the measures we are introducing will curb the spread of COVID-19, we want to make sure that you, and our hard-working staff, feel as safe and as comfortable as possible while in our offices.

These facilities will continue to be available during your visit with us. Therefore, upon visiting and upon leaving our premises, we encourage you to wash or rub your hands with gel to ensure you lower the risk of viral transmission.

You can also rest assured that we will be continuing to clean and sanitise our areas thoroughly. While our cleaning teams already work hard to keep our premises as healthy and as clean as possible, we understand that there is need for more stringent hygiene polices at this time.


Keeping You Safe

These continue to be challenging times, and as such, we do not open our doors lightly. This means that we will continue to be on high alert for all our clients as well as our team. In time, we hope the pandemic situation will ease to an extent where further normality can resume. However, until things ease further, we are in a strong and confident position to carry on business as usual for all our clients and customers.

Don’t forget – you can still call or video chat with the team at Milestone Financial Planning from afar. We’re thrilled to be able to open the offices again– and rest assured, we will continue to help and support you in this challenging time.


Craig Croft-Rayner

Craig Croft-Rayner Craig is a Director and Financial Planner with 5 years of dedicated experience in the finance sector. Craig's commitment to excellence is evident as a proud member of the Chartered Insurance Institute and holds a diploma from the Personal Finance Society (PFS). He is currently undergoing training to achieve the esteemed Chartered Financial Planner status. Craig is passionate about empowering individuals to make informed financial decisions and achieve their financial goals.

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