A day in the life of a paraplanner

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We know that a big reason so many of our clients choose to work with us is because of our in-depth knowledge and preparation. What we do isn’t wizardry, but it can be complex, which is why our paraplanners are so important to the planning and advice we give. Jake Bennett shares a day in the life of a paraplanner, and how he makes sure all the advice and support we give is backed by sound research and technical knowledge:

“For a paraplanner like me, every day is different. One day I’ll be conducting research into investment funds and products, and on another I’ll be preparing suitability reports that detail advice and recommendations for a client. Some days I could be attending client meetings with an advisor, or I’ll be researching tax and legislation changes and how these could impact our clients. On top of this, there will be regular training and development to stay up to date with industry regulations.

I always start the day catching up with emails and making a to-do list, prioritising jobs that require more urgent attention.  I try and stick to my list but quite often there will be an urgent call or meeting that will need to take priority, so it’s important to be flexible! I work closely with the advisors on each case. This helps me to learn new things and fully understand each client’s goals and objectives, meaning we can create a clear plan to achieve them.

I love what I do; there’s so much variety and every day I learn something new. More than anything, I work with a great bunch of people who are not only knowledgeable, they also want everyone to succeed!”

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