Personal Injury & Medical Negligence

Personal injury, for you and your family.

Heading up our Personal Injury advice department is Craig Croft-Rayner, a financial planner and qualified lawyer who previously specialised in high value personal injury and clinical negligence claims over a career spanning 18 years. He is acutely aware of how devastating serious injuries can be, not just to the injured individuals, but also to their families and the need for a strong support network. He is approachable and used to dealing with emotional and vulnerable clients creating a relationship of lasting trust.

Knowing the detail of exactly how personal injury awards are made sets Craig apart from most financial advisers. Craig is fully engaged in helping clients to carefully invest their award and plan their spending to ensure the damages they are awarded stretch as far as possible and provide the client and their family with the peace of mind the compensation award was designed to. Creating a tailored cashflow and investment strategy for each individual client is key to protecting and maximising their compensation award.


Craig works closely with the client and legal representative to set up a Personal Injury Trust and bank account, either during the case at interim payment stage or at the end of the case to protect entitlement to means tested benefits and minimise community care support costs. At the conclusion of the case Craig will ensure that any damages are prioritised in respect of financial needs and key future costs such as accommodation, care or surgery whilst seeking careful investment growth of the award to make it last allowing flexibility for withdrawals as necessary.

Clients are also fully advised in respect of state benefits and local authority funding to ensure they secure all entitlements to accompany any compensation package they receive.

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