Is there a charge for the initial Financial Consultation Meeting?

Is there a charge for the initial Financial Consultation Meeting?

No – there is no charge for the initial meeting. The first financial consultation meeting is offered to our potential clients free of charge. We believe that this as an important opportunity to get to know you and for you to get to know us. Generally speaking, a relationship with a financial advisor is for the long term so you need to be sure that you feel comfortable with us before you proceed. We are also very careful about who we work and only recommend that you engage with us when we can genuinely add value to your situation. We hope that you will find us friendly, transparent and honest. Our primary aim is to make financial planning easy for our clients and help you if we can. We certainly do not believe in pressuring or hassling clients that have reached out to us.


What is the Financial Planning Process?

At our first meeting we will ask you some straightforward questions about your current situation, including an oversight of your income, expenditure, savings and other assets. We might also ask you to sign some letters of authority to allow us to gather detailed information on any existing pension or investment arrangements you have that you would like us to look at. After we have discussed, defined and agreed your objectives we will gather and review the relevant information and then usually arrange a second financial consultation meeting to discuss our findings and put forward recommendations. At this second meeting you will be able to ask any questions to ensure that you are comfortable with our advice and fully understand our reasons for making any recommendations to you. Full details of any charges will be confirmed so that you know exactly what you are paying for before you decide whether to proceed.

Providing you agree the recommendations, helped by our efficient administration team, we will complete the necessary paperwork to put the plan into place. Once the plan is in place, we work with you to continually monitor the suitability of your financial plan and make any changes necessary in time. As part of our ongoing service we offer full face to face detailed review meetings on a regular basis. The level of service and frequency of these review meetings will be agreed with your financial planner at one of the financial consultation meetings.


Remote Meetings

We can conduct financial consultation meetings face to face at our comfortable offices. We have taken precautions and have a detailed Covid policy in place to protect our clients along with screens, masks, plenty of hand sanitiser and well ventilated meeting rooms which are cleaned thoroughly after every meeting.

Alternatively, following our heavy investment in technology we are more than happy to have remote financial consultation meetings with you on the phone or through video chat such as Skype, Teams, Zoom, Google Meet or WhatsApp video chat.