How Could You Benefit From Our Personal Financial Planning Services?

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If you are considering looking into any form of personal financial planning, it is essential that you look for a team of experts. Your money is important to you – meaning the last thing you are going to want to do is leave your assets in the hands of people who can’t help you make the most of it. Trust and confidence are the foundation blocks of any advisor/client relationship.

Here at Milestone Financial Planning, we take great care to make sure that all our clients benefit from a thorough, yet concise financial life planning service. Regardless of where you might be in life journey right now, we will always take the time to listen carefully to your needs, your objectives, and to suggest ways in which we will be able to support you moving forwards.

It is time to reach out to a personal finance advisor if you feel you are at a crossroads with your money. You may be looking to set up a new investment, put money away for your children, or to review and consider your retirement options. Let’s take a look at what you can expect from our personal financial planning services at each stage of our careful process.


Free Consultation

personal financial planning consultation

The most important stage of your personal financial planning consultation is, of course, the start! When you reach out to a personal finance advisor at Milestone, we will take the time to look closely at your current financial projections, your needs, and will also consider what you are looking for from your money. The Free Consultant takes place at your convenience. We are happy to speak with clients through digital media such as Zoom, Teams or Google Meet, face to face or on the phone – the choice is yours.

It’s this stage where we will get to know you. Crucially, this is the point where we will ask you questions to gain insight into how you’d like to manage your assets, and grow your savings over the years to come. We will also take into account and review any arrangements and financial schemes you may already have in place.

At this stage, it is important that you share as much detail with us as you feel comfortable with. The more information you share, the clearer an understanding we will have of your situation. We will present you with a series of quick and simple forms to complete during the meeting. Of course, there is never any obligation to proceed at this stage, and your consultation is completely free of charge!


Building Your Strategy

Once you are comfortable moving forward, we will work behind the scenes to carry out a detailed review of your circumstances and your assets to produce a range of recommendations that meet your objectives. Typically, we will request additional information from any existing investments, ISAs or Pensions which allows us to build a full financial picture. From there we dive deeper to stress test your financial plan and identify any tax or financial planning opportunities and weakness that we feel can be improved. This stage normally takes between 2 and 4 weeks depending on how quickly we can obtain any necessary information from your existing arrangements.

After our research is fully completed, you will meet with a personal finance advisor again to discuss our findings and our tailored recommendations. This is a crucial second meeting where you can decide whether you’d like to proceed, and whether or not you feel it will be financially viable to continue pursuing personal financial planning. Just like our initial consultation, the follow up meeting can take place at your convenience either using digital platforms such as Zoom, Teams or Google Meet or face to face.

We put intensive detail into our financial plans and happily take the time to explain any recommendations we have made to ensure that you fully understand the benefit. We only work with clients with whom we feel we can genuinely add value.


Putting Everything in Place

Once you are happy and understand our recommendations for financial life planning, it is only then we will ask you to complete the necessary paperwork to put the recommendations into place. We will never pressure you and we encourage you to take as much time as you need.

When we start setting up your financial plan, we will of course keep a dialogue with you to ensure you are updated with any developments. Once any investments or pensions accounts are open you will be able to see these online and the values are updated daily.


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We Don’t Stop There

Above all, regular reviews and clear communication are key to effective financial planning. Your personal finance advisor will give you a comprehensive analysis that keeps your key points in your journey in clear view. We will never push or force an angle of personal finance planning on you unless you are 100% happy with the direction we are moving in. We work on an “Advisory” basis which means we must obtain your consent before making any changes to your investments or overall financial plan.

We meet with our clients regularly to discuss any change in circumstances and recommend any changes to their financial plans or investments.

If you’d like to know more about personal financial planning, and why setting up a clear action statement may be of best interest to you in the long run, now is the time to reach out to the team at Milestone. Our team of experienced advisors understand how to make the most of money – whether you are looking for support with family financial planning, wealth planning and protection, or merely making sure you have enough to retire with.

If you are confused by money management and want to reach out to an expert with years of experience in handling all manner of fiscal data, call us at Milestone Financial Planning now. No two financial plans are ever the same and we create your personal financial journey with you at the centre.

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